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Can we meet before booking?

How would you describe your style?

Yes please! I love getting to know my clients beforehand and I truly believe the first connection will set the tone for our relationship. I love to get to know your story and the way you met each other! I am based in the Netherlands and most of my meetings are at my dinner table. We also can hop on FaceTime or Skype if travel time is to much.

Between photographing as much as possible in natural light, I feel I capture moments in a 'moody', natural way. I love to shoot small details that tells your story because you deserve to remember the way it felt. I'm there to freeze moments in time and I want to capture the stuff that matter the most in the and of the day; a look, a touch or a smile a loved one gives you.

What would it be like having you as our photographer?

Do you help in the planning process?

I like to describe myself as not your standard vendor. It would feel like an extra friend because I always aim to create relationships prior to the shoot or wedding day. I believe trust and connection is key to create magic and that is only achievable if I become the third wheel in this relationship.

Yes! I've shot more weddings than you probably planned and since I'm married myself I know how overwhelming it can get. The first moment we talk about it will be during our first meeting. I will ask questions and where necessarily give recommendations to make the process easier for you.

We've never been in front of the camera and are nervous about posing, can you help?

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

This is maybe one of the most asked questions but let me assure you that my approach is set to get the most laid back and most natural photos at the end of the day. I will help you become comfortable by directing you if this is required. I think one of the most helpful tricks I use is actually something really easy; talking. So not worries, it all about having a good time and focusing on each other instead of focusing on the camera.

I love my couples and I want to deliver the best of the best! To achieve this I need to take my well planned naps and also my not so planned naps. That's why I try not to book more than 25 weddings a year. I don't want to shoot 50+ weddings a year because I believe connection is everything but that also takes time that I will invest in our relationship. Except shooting weddings I also love to travel and enjoy some free time with our families.

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